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Phillips Walnut Oil preparation- 60ml bottle

Phillips english walnut oil preparation


For gun stock barrels and other walnut items. The finest way to create and maintain the beauty of the finish of a walnut stock is to use the oil which is natural to the wood itself - Walnut Oil. 

Phillips Professional Cold Blue 250ml, 500ml and 1 litre


A very simple but cheap way to re-blue shotgun and rifle barrels.  Don't pay a fortune to a gun smith; Have a go yourself, you will be amazed at the results. 

Philips Gun Blue Paste/Gel 20g glass jar

Phillips Gun blue gel/paste


Very clever stuff. Shake it and it turns to fluid, leave it to stand and it returns to Gel form. A little goes a long way. Quickly touch up scratches with a deep blue.

Philips Gun Barrel Cleaner


A very efficient barrel cleaner.  This nitro powder solvent and de-leading agent is a composite Blend of 9 chemical components chosen specifically to perform a cleaning action. This unique formula shows any left-over deposits by change of colour.

Phillips Molybdenum Gun Lubricant

Phillips Molybdenum Gun lubricant

Use on metal bearing surfaces, hinges & actions to lubricate. 

Phillips all Purpose Silicone Cloth

Phillips All purpose Silicone cloth - cleans, polishes and protects

Phillips Shot gun oil

Phillips Shot gun oil for metal to metal lubrication.


Shot gun oil, specially formulated for metal to metal lubrication.

Phillips Water repellant gun oil

Phillips Water repellant gun oil


Perfect protection for external gun parts in wet conditions


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